• Because our method is unique!
  • Because kids love us!


How It All Started

When the principal, Leyla, wanted to start her own English school, she decided to go with the tried and proven method for pre-school learning. She chose to structure her school and teachings around the ideals and teaching methods Montessori. She studied under and graduated from the North American Montessori Center. Sticking to her principles, Leyla chose to build the school from the ground up to ensure it follows the design and aesthetic for a Montessori environment. Once the school opened in 2017, it had a humble number of 6 students.  Over time, the method proved effective and other parents started to notice as well. Due to the success in teaching our students,  our numbers have risen to 42 as of 2019, far exceeding expectations. Even though we continue to grow, we keep our founding beliefs at our core and strive to help each child excel in life, ensuring each student receives the utmost care an best education possible.