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Our Photos

Below are some of the photos we have taken over the years over various events. We hope this will give you a small glimpse of our events. You can see that each event is an enjoyable and a fun-learning experience.

Summer School 2019

Summer School is our biggest event for the learning of different cultures around the world. This year we learned all about the western hemisphere and studied places such as America, Brazil, Canada, and Mexico. The kids love all the activities that come with it such as Hockey for Canada, cooking hot dogs and pancakes for America, making sombreros and maracas for Mexico, and much more. To cool off, we finished everyday with a trip to our parks pool and fountains. This was enjoyable for both teachers and students and we always look forward to it!

Ibaraido Park 2019

This May, we went on our yearly field trip to Ibaraido Park. Each year we different places according to interest and ages. This year, we wanted to focus nature and animals so Ibaraido was a natural choice for us. It has a wonderful park setting with great activities including a petting zoo in which you can touch and feed the animals. It also has a large grass hill in which we had a wonderful time sledding down. After the sledding, we road a train around the lake, seeing all the beautiful scenery  After we completed our activities, they ate a delicious lunches prepared by their loving parents. Our kids gained a great new experience in their life and had a fantastic time doing it.

Christmas Party 2018

Every year, we host a Christmas party for our students and have a great time doing it. Our goal is to have a great time experiencing Western Christmas. We do fun activities such as skiing, Christmas bingo, and candy jars. Santa even comes to pay a visit! The joy in our kids is apparent and we always do our best to see that joy.

Halloween Party 2018

These photos are from 2018`s super spooky Halloween Party. So many amazing costumes were shown by our lovely students. It was a real joy seeing them come through the door wearing said costumes. During the event, we did all sorts of fun and spooky activities, such as, spider web hunt, a large scary puzzle, pumpkin ring toss, Halloween Bingo, toss the eyes in the basket, and spooky bowling. Its a non-stop fun ride and though it takes a lot of preparation, we are happy to do it for our kids.