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After School English Club


First Steps Montessori English School is a new children’s English institute that was founded in 2017. I had worked with children for many years and I wondered what the best thing that adults and teachers can do for the growth of children. Then I encountered the Montessori teaching method. I sympathized with its educational method, which fosters the child’s innate curiosity and ability to grow, and opened a school that practices Montessori education. When adults believe in children’s ability to grow and encourage children to try new things, they will grow to be caring, responsible, and independent, becoming people that want to continue learning throughout their lives. This is the purpose of Montessori and this is my wish. This time, I wanted to open the doors to children from grammar school and so I started a jidokan (a place for children to come after school). I would be happy to be able to help the children to study.



North American Montessori Licensed teacher
Experienced teaching English in Japan for over 12 years

English Education

With increased globalization, English communication skills have become more necessary. However, it is very difficult to learn to speak English with only Japan’s current English curriculum at school. Starting in the year 2020, English classes will be mandatory for 3rd and 4th graders. They will start the foreign language activities that 5th and 6th graders are doing now. 5th and 6th graders will be graded on this subject. Many parents must be worried, not knowing how to prepare for this.

In our school, Japanese bilingual teachers who are experienced in teaching English look after the children in an all-English environment so that the children can naturally learn English in an environment where English is spoken. Children who are not used to English may feel anxious, but you don’t need to speak English from the beginning. We will get used to speaking with simple words first. Foreign teachers will come two to three times a week to teach English, using flashcards, and playing games, so the children can learn English while having fun. Once they are used to it, they will want to speak in English, and naturally become able to communicate. In this environment, similar to the one in which the children learned their mother tongue, they will acquire communication abilities. During the summer, we will choose a theme and study it deeply, while having fun, throughout the summer. They will not only learn English, but also be able to broaden their intellectual curiosity.


You can’t speak English unless you can pronounce it correctly. We don’t teach the names of the letters, only the sounds they represent, this is called phonics. Phonics is the core of Montessori language education in North America. Learning the sounds of each letter and the sounds of blended letters, children will learn proper pronunciation and will also be able to read new books. Our kindergartners also study phonics and although our school has only started last year, our students have made great improvements. In our after school English club, you will also learn phonics. Let’s learn!

How do children spend their time at the English Club?

This school was built in 2017, and we have a building that is similar to a regular home so that children can feel comfortable and relax here. Our Japanese teacher who used to work in a jidokan will help your child to get used to studying every day.

After they have finished their homework, they can have some fun playing. They can play with their friends, but can also use the Montessori materials during their free time and gain some more knowledge. Our foreign teachers are also highly experienced. Bright and fun teachers motivate children to speak English and to try to express their feelings or thoughts. When they succeed in expressing themselves, they gain confidence and also feel the joy of being able to speak English.

  • Available to elementary school students.

  • Maximum 15 persons

  • We will not prepare snacks, but you can bring them the day before and leave them
    to be eaten the next day.

  • Please inform us 2 days in advance if you need extended child care.

  • Our bus can pick up your child from school but will not drive him/her home. Please
    come and pick up your children. When the elementary school is out, the bus will not
    come to pick up your child, so please drive your child directly to First Steps.

During summer vacation, we can go to the near by park with a small pool and play there.

You can learn English through playing fun games like bingo.

Studying the differences between island, lake etc, by actually pouring water in them.

English Class

This is the textbook we use, Poptropica. It was made for children who are learning English as a second language. This book not only teaches English, but also uses topics that are based on children’s daily lives and helps them broaden their world. What’s special about this series is that children can use on- line tools to study at home as well.

Class Price List

Our English Club students can also take these after school English lessons. One class is for free and more optional classes can be taken for half price.

Class Type Max Days Hours Prices
Level1〜3 Up to 6 persons Tues〜Fri 16:15~ ¥4,250 instead of ¥8,500
Level 4〜6 17:20~ ¥5000 instead of ¥10,000
All levels Semi-private Up to 3 persons Tues〜Fri 16:15~ ¥6,900 instead of ¥13,800
Phonics Level       1〜3
Up to 6 persons Tues〜Fri 16:15~ ¥4,250 instead of ¥8,500

English Club Services and Prices

Days Hours Prices
Mon 〜 Fri After School 〜 18:30 ¥32,400 / month

¥43,200 for August

When School is out or

during long vacations

8:00 〜 18:30
Descriptions Prices
Enrollment Fee ¥10,800
Facility Fee ¥5,184 will be collected every 6 months ¥864 / month
Extended Child Care Extended Child Care is available from 18:30 to 19:00 ¥486
Bus Service The bus can pick up your child from the elementary school or the closest jidokan. ¥3,240 / month
Lunch You can order lunch when your child comes from the morning to the afternoon, e.g. summer vacation ¥350 / meal
English Lesson You can join our English classes every week. See Class price list

Enrollment Procedures

If you are interested, please call us and make an appointment to visit our school. If you have any questions, please feel free to call us.

Telephone number:029-895-2924

We describe our activities on Facebook. If you like our activities and want to join, fill out the enrollment form and you are a member as soon as you pay the first 2 months’ tuition and fees.