• Because our method is unique!
  • Because kids love us!

Parents Testimonies

Though we have presented and proven many ways in which our courses have benefited our students, you do not have to only take our word for it. Below are testimonies generously given to us by the parents of our students.

„My wife and I read dozens of positive opinions about Montessori education; that it’s the most advanced method allowing kids to gain outstanding results. We decided to choose a kindergarten with such a system for our daughter. We were so happy to find out that one recently opened in Tsukuba! “First Steps” is so great! My daughter started from April 2017 and she is doing just fine. Moreover, how surprised we were when one day – after a couple of months – she started using English at home, even though it’s not her mother tongue. So, I believe the teachers are doing a great job there. We appreciate their efforts a lot.” – Kate’s dad

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